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Workshop Catalogue

The catalogue below outlines all of the workshops offered by the CFD.

New workshops are added regularly. Please note that faculty and staff from the UofT

Temerty Faculty of Medicine and Unity Health Toronto staff, physicians, learners, and

patient/family partners have access to our workshops for free. To see a list of our upcoming

workshops, as well as rounds, community events and programs open for registration,

please visit our Upcoming Events.

If you are interested in exploring a customized workshop series for your organization,

please contact

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    Accessibility, Language, and Inclusion

    3 hours
    This workshop provides foundational knowledge on how communication and language can create barriers to accessibility. We will identify problematic terms, understand how ableism informs the use of these term and apply this knowledge to our everyday practices to create an inclusive community.
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    Addressing Microaggressions & Practicing Critical Allyship

    3 hours
    This workshop explores and demystifies the concepts of power, privilege, oppression, and systemic injustice. The goal is for participants to feel equipped and empowered to take accountability, and to collaboratively identify practices to respond to and address microaggressions in the learning environment.
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    An Introduction To Academic Leadership

    3 hours
    This workshop engages participants to reflect on their own existing leadership abilities and approaches and helps identify potential gaps in their skills and experience. We will work on developing action plans to help participants further develop as leaders.
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    Assessment Fundamentals: Clinical Contexts

    3 hours
    Participants will be engaged in exercises and discussions, from simple and generic to ones that are more closely align with their own clinical context, that involve the appraisal and application of a modern validity framework.
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    Assessment Fundamentals: Performance Based

    3 hours
    This workshop explains how to dissect performance-based assessments into component parts with explicit links to possible validity threats, apply validity concepts to better structure performance-based assessments and critically examine/evaluate performance-based assessment plans.
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    Being A Mentee

    3 hours
    The workshop includes a review of the core concepts of mentoring in an academic context and engages participants in exercises to further develop and apply these concepts. Participants will develop and enhance the skills required of a mentee to establish and maintain a mentoring relationship.
  • CFD13-%20CFD%20place%20holder-%20Blue.jpg

    Career Paths for Clinical Educators

    3 hours
    This workshop focuses on the alignment of desired career goals in education, with learning needs and opportunities for development. Participants identify their options for future career directions and develop a learning plan in order to support decision making about future career directions.
  • CFD13-%20CFD%20place%20holder-%20Blue.jpg

    Challenges Surrounding IMGs/IEHPS Education

    3 hours
    This workshop creates a space for teachers and educators to enhance their understanding around the changing landscape of IMGs and also identify the challenges faced by faculty in the learning environment.
  • CFD13-%20CFD%20place%20holder-%20Blue.jpg

    Developing a Teaching Dossier

    3 hours
    This workshop provides an overview of the content and structure of an effective teaching dossier. It provides participants with the opportunity to develop a plan for assembling and strengthening their own dossiers. They will also be led through the first steps of composing a Statement of Teaching Philosophy.
  • Logo%202.jpg

    Developing Skills As A Mentor

    3 hours
    The workshop describes elements of effective mentoring relationships and some of the skills that are required to establish and maintain mentoring relationships. Participants review their role in the promotion of mentoring 'culture' in their organization.

Centre for Faculty Development
Li Ka Shing International Healthcare
Education Centre, St. Michael’s Hospital
209 Victoria Street, 4th floor

Mailing Address:
30 Bond Street, Toronto, ON, M5B 1W8


Join us tomorrow with @drellaway & @EaKinsella at 12:00pm EST as they present "What is best?: Reflecting on context and contingency in 'best' practice"!

Register for free:

Co-hosted by: @theWilsonCentre @IPEUofT
#hpe #MedEd #BPER #facultydevelopment

A huge congrats to @wong_alexandra (former practicum student, now researcher collaborator) who shared our findings on #KMb through network weaving within #HPE at #CKF22!

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