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Making Program Evaluation Mandatory: Promise & Peril

Making Program Evaluation Mandatory: Promise & Peril

Community Forum for Education and Evaluation Scholars (CoFEES): Dialogue and Debate Series event

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Evaluation is perpetually mandated across the academic health sciences both by intra-institutional requirements and broader accreditation demands. However, there is limited scholarly attention in the field on the process or impact of mandated evaluation. We are joined for this Dialogue and Debate Series event by Dr. Peter Dahler-Larsen and Dr. Betty Onyura. Join us to discuss the risks and opportunities inherent in such mandates, drawing on pertinent theory and research, and to explore the follow the questions: 

  • What are the risks inherent to mandating the evaluation of a program?
  • What tensions surface as evaluators navigate evaluation mandates?  
  • Who benefits most from evaluation mandates?

 We will encourage community participation via moderation discussion and an open Q & A session. Ultimately, the talk will conclude by inviting audience discussion on whether there are opportunities to address the tensions we face in ways that are more aligned with ideals of social accountability across the academic health sciences. 

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