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Meet our new Associate Director, Evaluation and Knowledge Mobilization, Dr. Suzanne Zerger

We are proud to welcome Dr. Suzanne Zerger to the Centre for Faculty Development.  Get to know our latest team member in an interview with our new Associate Director of Evaluation & Knowledge Mobilization.

Q: Welcome to CFD!  You are not new to Unity Health Toronto community.  Tell us more about your most recent professional experiences that have led you here?

Thank you, I’m very excited to join this amazing team! True, I’ve spent some time at Unity in a few different roles – all as part of MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions, where I had opportunities to work as a researcher, an evaluation manager for a partnership with the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network, and most recently as the Research Program Manager. In between, I spent a few years as an evaluation manager at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).

Q:  What has you most excited about your new role at the CFD?

I am inspired by the CFD strategic priorities, which include creating exceptional programming, cultivating inclusive communities and expanding strategic partnerships to achieve its vision of creating transformative learning.  I see incredible potential to embed evaluative thinking and evaluation to inform and strengthen those priorities, and to engage with new partners within and outside Unity Health in the process.

Q: What’s one CFD project or initiative that has caught your attention as you have come onboard?

I can’t name just one, honestly. It’s really the cohesion of focus and intent to create equitable and inclusive programming, and embody principles of anti-racism and anti-oppression in all projects and initiatives that has caught my attention the most. That, and the dedication and openness of everybody at CFD to engage in this important work with humility and a desire for learning.

Q: What are some questions, curiosities and research interests you have related to faculty development in the health professions?

So many, but the one that immediately comes to mind is – how are faculty development needs identified and prioritized, and by and for whom? The health system is in a constant state of change, and there are dozens of health professions, each with unique and important contributions to the system – how does faculty development programming remain relevant, responsive, and meaningfully engaged with the broad diversity of roles and learning needs?

Q: What’s one thing that people might find surprising about you?

Nothing, really – I absolutely love living in Toronto. I moved here over fifteen years ago from Tijeras, New Mexico – I’ve lived in four countries, seven states, and two provinces, and as much as I love travelling, I have no desire to live anywhere else!

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