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Governance Committee

The Governance Committee advises and/or oversees the breadth and quality of CFD endeavors. This committee acts as an advisory body to the CFD Director and CFD Executive Council. This Committee has the responsibility for oversight of the accountability of the unit and monitoring the quality of the educational and research activities of the Centre.


Beverly Bulmer (Co-chair)
Vice President, Education | Unity Health Toronto

Latika Nirula
Director | Centre for Faculty Development

Ori Rotstein
Vice President of Research and Innovation | Unity Health Toronto

Suzanne Wong
Director, Faculty Development | Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Patricia Houston (Co-chair)
Interim Dean & Vice Dean Medical Education | Temerty Faculty of Medicine

Lindsay Baker
Associate Director, Curriculum Integration & Partnerships | Centre for Faculty Development

Sonya Canzian
Executive VP of Clinical Programs, People and Chief Nursing and Health Professions Officer | Unity Health Toronto

Alison Freeland
Associate Dean, Mississauga Campus | Temerty Faculty of Medicine
VP Education, Education and Academic Affairs | Trillium Health Partners

Mary Forhan
Associate Professor & Chair | Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy

Suzan Schneeweiss
Associate Dean Continuing Professional Development | University of Toronto

Executive Council

The Executive Council advises on CFD policies, practices, goals, and objectives. As well, they advise on environmental developments that may influence day-to-day matters of the CFD and/or implementations of strategic plans.


Latika Nirula  (Co-chair)
Director | Centre for Faculty Development

David Wiljer

Jana Lazor
Director, Faculty Development, Office of Faculty Development | Temerty Faculty of Medicine

Mandy Lowe
Senior Director, Clinical Education | University Health Network

Sarah Dimmock

Lindsay Baker  (Co-chair)
Associate Director, Curriculum Integration & Partnerships | Centre for Faculty Development

Debbie Kwan
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream | Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
Pharmacist | University Health Network

Jeremy Edwards
Director, FitzGerald Academy
Adult Cardiologist, Unity Health Toronto

Megan Burnett
Associate Director | Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation

Robyn Davies

Allyson Merbaum
Faculty Development Program Director | Department of Family and Community Medicine

Hasina Jaffer
Academic Chair, Critical Care & Graduate Imaging | The Michener Institute of Education

Meredith Giuliani
Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education | Temerty Faculty of Medicine

Tina Martimianakis
Director of Medical Education Scholarship | Department of Paediatrics
Associate Director | The Wilson Centre

Yasser Ismail

Centre for Faculty Development
Li Ka Shing International Healthcare
Education Centre, St. Michael’s Hospital
209 Victoria Street, 4th floor

Mailing Address:
30 Bond Street, Toronto, ON, M5B 1W8


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