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Atelier: Foundations
in HPE Research

Program Overview

The Wilson Centre and Centre for Faculty Development Atelier: Foundations in Health Professions Education Research offers a foundational primer for conducting research in health professions education. Refine your HPE research interests and develop a foundational understanding of HPE research principles, methodologies, and applications.

Program Description

The Atelier is a joint offering from the Centre for Faculty Development and The Wilson Centre. Sessions focus on common methodologies and contemporary topics in health professions education research, delivered by researchers from across professions and disciplinary backgrounds. This Atelier is relevant for novice researchers and scholars who are not engaged in research as their primary activity. It focuses on reinforcing evidence-based and ethical practices in education research work; creating an effective interdisciplinary collaborative research team; and helping you appreciate the research skills and lens you bring to a research team. Throughout the week, sessions will focus on common methodologies and contemporary topics in health professions education research, and will be delivered by researchers and educators from across professions and disciplinary backgrounds.

Program Goals:

  1. Participants will build knowledge of different approaches to qualitative and quantitative research.
  2. Participants will increase skills in the design and implementation of health professions education research
  3. Participants will understand what makes a successful collaborative research team.
  4. Participants will develop insight into how to access and navigate the health professions education community and beyond.

Topics include

  • Survey design
  • Interviews and focus groups
  • Ethically important moments in education research
  • Experimental design
  • Knowledge mobilization

Program Structure

Coming soon!

Program Team

Lindsay BakerProgram Co-LeadSHE / HER

Lindsay Baker is the Associate Director, Curriculum Integration and Partnerships at the Centre for Faculty Development. Her work focuses on the purposeful integration of her curriculum development, teaching and qualitative research expertise to develop ethical, competent, and compassionate faculty. At an overarching level, her research uses constructivist and critical approaches to examine the boundaries and relations between disciplines, professions, and knowledge communities. Similarly, she integrates constructivist, transformative, and critical pedagogical approaches to education in my faculty development practice. She recognizes the importance of valuing multiple forms of knowledge and ways of knowing and understanding and try to weave this philosophy through her work.

Tina MartimianakisProgram Co-LeadSHE / HER

Maria Athina (Tina) Martimianakis is Professor and Director of Medical Education Scholarship, at the Department of Paediatrics, and Scientist and Associate Director (Collaborations and Partnerships) Wilson Centre. Tina studies issues related to the learning environment and professional identity negotiations. Currently she is researching how multiple change agendas impact professional identity and how organizational practices associated with discourses of collaboration support or hinder the capacity of interprofessional teams to practice and learn together. Her research contributes to both theory building and educational practice.

Suzanne ZergerProgram Co-LeadSHE / HER

Suzanne provides leadership for program evaluation and knowledge mobilization activities across the Centre for Faculty Development programs. She brings experience in applied implementation science research and evaluation with a focus on underserved populations and interventions and strategies to address health disparities and systemic inequities. Suzanne has a special interest in finding ways to build evaluation capacity and nurture a learning culture in departments and organizations, and is interested in expanding and deepening the understanding of equity principles in evaluation, including the implications for how they are (and should be) learned and applied in practice. She holds a doctorate degree in Sociology from York University

Ryan BrydgesProgram Co-LeadHE / HIM

Ryan is a Scientist and The Wilson Centre and Director of Research at the Allan Waters Family Simulation Centre. Ryan uses theories from educational psychology to understand how to conceptualize and measure how learners’ goals, strategies, and beliefs influence their learning processes and outcomes. The ultimate goal of his research is to translate this understanding to design training environments that prepare clinicians to be effective in their future lifelong learning. He typically situates his studies in the contexts of healthcare simulation and other technology-enabled education, and has also expanded to study how learning in these settings transfers to workplace-based learning.

Alex SulimanProgram CoordinatorSHE / HER

Alex coordinates the Atelier: Collaborative Education Research program and the CFD Resource Hub, and is on the planning committee for the Teaching for Transformation Annual Conference. She has been involved in healthcare education through various roles, using her technological, communication and media skills to further knowledge translation. Alex holds a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and Media Studies from York University.

Registration Details

Level: Foundational

Who should register: This program is most relevant for novice researchers and scholars who are not engaged in research as their primary activity.

Location: Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute

Program length: 3 days

Cohort size: 20-30 participants

Standard rate: $2500

Certificate: Participants will receive a certificate of completion.

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Q. Is there a cost to attend your programs?

A. There is a cost to participate in some of our programs. The cost of each of our programs varies and in some cases, the cost varies depending on your status with the Temerty Faculty of Medicine at University of Toronto and/or in which hospital you work as well as whether or not you have an annual CFD Membership.

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A. Anyone whose education activities include teaching, leading, scholarship and advocacy are welcome to attend our workshops, programs and/or events. Specific pre-requisite criteria may apply. Please refer to each workshop, program or event page for details. All fees and discounts (where applicable) can be found in the workshop, program and event pages.

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A. Please contact us for further information.  The availability of this service is dependent on the resources and capacity of the CFD at the time the request is made.

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Our Programs

The CFD offers a number of exceptional programs to meet current and emerging faculty development needs across the health system. View the full listing of CFD’s programs to determine which may best meet your interests and needs.

Our Programs

The CFD offers a number of exceptional programs to meet current and emerging faculty development needs across the health system. View the full listing of CFD’s programs to determine which may best meet your interests and needs.

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