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Academic Leadership

Leadership in Health Professions Education

Explore a curated list of articles, courses and books to support leadership in health professions education.

  • Website
  • Leadership
  • Academic Leadership
Source Unity Health Toronto Library Services

How to Lead the Way Through Complexity, Constraint, and Uncertainty in Academic Health Science Centers

Explores new approaches to leading in Academic Health Science Centres given new levels of complexity, constraint, and uncertainty.

  • Article
  • Leadership
  • Academic Leadership
Source Susan J Lieff, Francis J Yammarino (2017). Academic Medicine, 22(5), 614-621.

The Secrets of Great Teamwork

Collaboration has become more complex, but success still depends on the fundamentals.

  • Article
  • Leadership
  • Academic Leadership
  • Communication and Collaboration
Source Martine Haas, Mark Mortensen (2016). Harvard Business Review, June, 70-76

New and Evolving Academic Leaders Program

Involves participants developing their mindsets and capabilities to successfully lead their division, program, research, education or other academic unit and help enable the success of their academic teams.

  • Course
  • Leadership
  • Academic Leadership
Source Centre for Faculty Development, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto at Unity Health Toronto

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