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Our Evaluation Strategy

The CFD adopts best practice standards in evaluation, including integration of the Joint Committee on Standards of Educational Evaluation

Our evaluation strategy is multi-faceted and explores a broad range of evaluation questions at the organizational–level (Centre) and the program-level. Ultimately, we seek to obtain high quality evaluative feedback that that can help us optimize programming, advance knowledge, and attend to questions of equity and inclusivity.

One area of focus in our evaluation strategy is knowledge mobilization (KMb) processes and outcomes. We value purposeful exchange of diverse forms of knowledge including research, experiential and practical knowledge.

When you participate in our evaluation activities, you lend your voice in ways that help us be more responsive to community, faculty, and learners needs. We use these data to improve our offerings and advocate for strategic systems changes to create higher quality, more equitable learning and discovery environments.

The types of data we collect

  • Evaluative feedback after individual workshops, events, of sessions
  • Evaluative feedback upon program completion
  • Demographic data from program participants
  • Qualitative data (e.g., interviews, focus groups) with faculty, program participants, and other stakeholders
  • Observational data across CFD offerings, etc.

Evaluation Strategy Snapshot

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