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Curriculum Development

Reflexive Questions for Educators & Facilitators

This guide provides educators and facilitators with reflexive questions to inform education development, teaching and facilitation.

  • Guide
  • Teaching
  • Curriculum Development
Source CACHE

UDL Guidelines for Instruction

These guidelines will help you reflect on ways in which you are or may want to apply the Universal Design for Learning guidelines to your course.

  • Guide
  • Teaching
  • Curriculum Development
Source Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation

Education Scholars Program

Builds capacity by enhancing competence in education leadership, scholarship, curriculum and teaching thus facilitating opportunities for advancement.

  • Course
  • Teaching
  • Curriculum Development
Source Centre for Faculty Development, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto at Unity Health Toronto

A Guide to Developing Live Virtual Group Patient Education

Nine steps to creating a successful live virtual patient group.

  • Guide
  • Teaching
  • Curriculum Development
  • Patient/Client and Family Partners
Source Unity Health Toronto Virtual Education and Patient and Family Education; University Health Network Patient Education & Engagement Program

10 Steps to Course Development

Create the most effective program for your target market.

  • Guide
  • Teaching
  • Curriculum Development
Source Continuing Professional Development, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

Health Equity Framework and Inclusion Framework

The purpose of this framework is to promote an equitable and inclusive learning environment and to embed a health equity lens into the planning, development and delivery of education and training initiatives.

  • Guide
  • Teaching
  • Curriculum Development
  • Anti-Oppression
Source Agic, B., Fruitman, H., Maharaj, A. Harris, H., Gagnon, L., Taylor, J., Ashraf, A., Henderson, J., Ronda, N., McKenzie, K., Sockalingam, S. Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Developing Learning Outcomes

Good learning outcomes emphasize the application and integration of knowledge. Instead of focusing on coverage of material, learning outcomes articulate how students will be able to employ the material, both in the context of the class and more broadly.

  • Guide
  • Teaching
  • Curriculum Development
  • Learning Outcomes
Source Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation, University of Toronto (2014)

Universal Design for Learning

Framework and resources to change the design of the learning environment rather than change the learner.

  • Website
  • Teaching
  • Curriculum Development
  • Accessibility
Source Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation, University of Toronto

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