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Meet Euson Yeung, Program Lead for Education Scholars Program

We are excited to announce Euson Yeung as our new Program Lead for our renewed Education Scholars Program (ESP). Get to know more about Euson and the ESP program in our interview!

Congratulations on your new role Euson! You’re no stranger to the Centre for Faculty Development though, can you tell us a bit about your experience here?

Of course. I’ve been involved in the CFD in a variety of ways spanning several years. I’ve been a long time participant of many CFD offerings, like the Stepping Stones Program. You may have seen me on the other end as well, as I’ve taught Stepping Stones workshops, taught in ESP, and was a Stepping Stones journal club leader. I was also a part of the Education Development committee for many years advising on the development of CFD’s projects and programs.

What excites you as the new program lead?

What excites me most is the potential to continue building a community of education scholars who have the capacity to shape education practice and influence system change.

How was ESP evolved over the years?

Here are a few ways in which the ESP has evolved:

  • Increased accessibility of the program – the program is designed as a blend of in-person and synchronous online learning. This aims to reduce some of the barriers to participation related to geographic location and time constraints.  The ESP Access and Inclusion Bursary has also been established to enhance accessibility to participate.
  • Greater awareness about the inter-related nature of the different components of education scholarship and its implications on education practice.
  • More opportunities to apply theories and frameworks to real-world educational dilemmas that are most relevant to the participants’ work.
  • Greater emphasis on fostering the development of participants’ identity as education scholars both individually and as a community of education scholars within the broader system.
  • The practice of coaching – ESP participants will not only deepen their understanding about the practice of coaching in educational contexts, they will also participate in 1:1 coaching themselves over the course of the program.

Who would benefit most from taking ESP?

Anyone who is interested in learning more about curriculum and program development, program evaluation and education leadership! You don’t have to have formal training in any of these areas.  Some experience with teaching will be an asset as participants will be drawing on their personal experiences throughout the program.

What can participants of the next ESP cohort expect?

Participants can expect to work closely with fellow participants in expanding their understanding of education scholarship and to consider their own work through the lens of education scholarship. They will have ample opportunities to think deeply and exchange ideas about educational concepts and how they relate to their own experiences and their own work. On a practical level, aside from the in-class sessions, participants can be expected to complete approximately 1-2 of independent study each week.


Learn more about ESP and apply for the program here.


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