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Teaching and Learning in the Clinical Context

Teaching and Learning in the Clinical Context

The TLC program is designed for current and/or aspiring supervisors/preceptors from all health disciplines to develop the foundational knowledge and skills needed to effectively teach learners in various clinical contexts. it includes eLearning modules and facilitated group learning sessions.

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Teaching and Learning in the Clinical Context (TLC) is a 12-week virtual program with both self-paced, self-directed eLearning modules as well as facilitated group learning sessions.

The goals of the program are for participants to:

  • Develop the foundational knowledge and skills needed to teach in the clinical context
  • Recognize how to be adaptive clinical teachers, responsive to unique contextual and learner needs. 

The program is practical and evidence-informed, enabling clinicians to successfully teach in the current and future health care climate.


Program Details

For more information, please visit the TLC Program Page.

Additional Info

Self-paced, self-directed eLearning modules are completed by participants in between each facilitated synchronous session throughout the duration of the program.

Registration Closes: November 11,2024

Event Details

  • January 16, 2025 - April 3, 2025
    4:30 PM - 6:00 PM EDT
    Start date: Jan 16
    Duration: 12 weeks
    • Orientation Synchronous Session

      Thu 16 Jan 16:30 EST - Thu 16 Jan 18:00 EST
    • Module 1/2/3 Synchronous Session

      Thu 13 Feb 16:00 EST - Thu 13 Feb 18:00 EST
    • Module 4/5 Synchronous Session

      Thu 06 Mar 16:00 EST - Thu 06 Mar 18:00 EST
    • Module 6/7 Synchronous Session

      Thu 27 Mar 16:00 EDT - Thu 27 Mar 18:00 EDT
    • Consolidation Synchronous Session

      Thu 03 Apr 16:00 EDT - Thu 03 Apr 18:00 EDT
    Location: Online
    • Student/Fellow/Senior Trainee Rate: $280.00 incl. Tax
    • CFD Member Tuition Rate: $510.00 incl. Tax
    • $615.00 incl. Tax
    Additional Info:
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Centre for Faculty Development
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Education Centre, St. Michael’s Hospital
209 Victoria Street, 4th floor

Mailing Address:
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