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Paradigms of Education

Paradigms of Education

This workshop introduces participants to six paradigms of education relevant and prevalent in HPE. Participants are provided with an overview of each paradigm, how they are related to common education practices in HPE and how awareness of paradigmatic details and differences support aligned teaching/assessment approaches.

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This workshop is for anyone involved in education design and practice. This workshop will introduce participants to six paradigms of education relevant and prevalent in health professions education.   A paradigm of education refers to a way of thinking about the purpose of education, the meaning of learning, and the roles of teachers and students. Paradigms of education influence how students are taught and assessed and what is valued and included in the curriculum.  

Through interactive activities we will provide an overview of each paradigm, illustrate how they are related to common education practices in health professions education and discuss how awareness of paradigmatic details and differences can support aligned teaching and assessment approaches.  This workshop will help participants take first steps toward thoughtfully engaging with education practices in relation to paradigms of education.


Aligning and Applying the Paradigms of Education

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