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Meet the Team

Lindsay Baker   BEd, MEd

Associate Director, Curriculum Integration & Partnerships
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

Lindsay is Associate Director, Curriculum Integration and Partnership at the Centre for Faculty Development. She has over a decade of experience in health professions education research in the context of faculty development. Lindsay brings this researcher-practitioner lens to her role as program director (Stepping Stones, Best Practices in Education Rounds, Online Supplements for Education) and program developer (Summer Education Institute) and plays an integral role bridging education and research across all of CFD’s programs.

Through her work at CFD, Lindsay has established a reputation as an innovative qualitative methodologist and an award-winning educator. Her research uses constructivist and critical approaches to examine the boundaries and relations between disciplines, professions, and knowledge communities. Lindsay also integrates constructivist, transformative, and critical pedagogical approaches to education in her faculty development practice.

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